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Timperley Old Hall moat, the headquarters of the South Trafford Archaeological Group

Welcome to the web pages of the South Trafford Archaeological Group. We are a voluntary group established in 1979 to explore the archaeology, history, and landscape of the Trafford, South Manchester, and surrounding areas.

The aims of the Group are:

  • To promote the study of archaeology and history within the area of Trafford Borough and its immediate environs
  • Provide a base and resource for research and a resource for field projects
  • To aid and assist groups with similar interests

Our resources include archives of archaeological finds from a variety of excavation and recording projects, an extensive library, dozens of archaeological specialist reports written by the Group, and our own newsletter (Browsings). Much of this material is housed in our Archaeology Centre behind the Old Hall pub at Altrincham golf club on Altrincham Road. Here you will find our nearly create Archaeology Store

In normal circumstances we have regular evening meetings, field trips, excavations, day schools, courses, and other events. These are not normal times and the group was not be able to undertake any face-to-face meetings between March 2020 and July 2021. However, in August 2021 we restarted our activities, arranging meetings, archaeology walks, and re-opened our Archaeology Centre, on Sundays to Tuesdays, all in a safe COVID manner. We continue to urge STAG members and anyone interested in the archaeology of the south Trafford area and its environs to follow us online (@StagArchaeology and via our Facebook page ‘South Trafford Archaeological Group’) as we expand our website resources. Please click back regularly for updates.

Membership of STAG

Although the COVID-19 health crisis is easing, it has hit archaeology groups such as ours very hard. Like many voluntary heritage groups we still have a building to run (our display centre and headquarters), dig archives to store, bills to pay, and maintenance to carry out. We need your help to make sure that STAG will still be here once the present difficulties are passed. If you are not already a member please consider joining. You membership will help us to continue to explore Trafford’s rich past. A 2022 membership form can be downloaded from here (please note that the price of membership has been held to 2020 levels):

You can find us on twitter here, @StagArchaeology, and on Facebook (

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