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South Trafford Archaeological Group

Reg charity No. 513977

STAG Project Reports

Below you will find links to some of STAG’s archaeological reports. We have arranged these by fieldwork type – building surveys, excavations, and finds. We are also working on a map to show the location of STAG’s 40 years of fieldwork.

Building Survey – Brick & Timber-framed Buildings

STAG has survey dozens of historic buildings in and around Trafford. We have long-term building projects in Altrincham Old Market Place and Warburton, and are particularly interested in recording timber-framed structures from the late Medieval and early Post-Medieval periods, and early brick buildings. Below are a selection of reports on such sites.

Building Surveys – Air Raid Shelters

The Group uses a standard rapid survey sheet to help with basic recording, thus making sure that key features are not over looked. Below are examples of our sheets for vernacular buildings and industrial structures:

Over the years STAG have recorded a range of 20th Century defensive sites around Trafford. Below are four building survey examples of Second World War Air Raid Shelters recorded by STAG members between 2008 and 2016.

Entrance to the air raid shelter discovered at Moss Lane in Timperley.

STAG Excavations

Since 1980 STAG has produced more than 50 archaeology reports. These range from excavations and building surveys, to landscape studies and individual finds reports. STAG’s fieldwork has taken us beyond the boundaries of modern Trafford, to explore sites across south Manchester and northern Cheshire. We will be posting digital copies of our pre-2000 excavation reports here. As a starter here are some early reports from the 1980s, including the first four sites that STAG excavated in the early 1980s. We have also added several excavated sites from the 1990s. Click back here for other copies of excavation reports by STAG as we upload more of them.

STAG Finds Reports

Below are examples of some of the specialist finds reports that the Group has undertaken and commissioned on discoveries and sites over the last 40 years.

Got a site, building, or object you would like explored or explained?

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